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Phoenix Nationale

See how we’re helping bring this revolutionary product to the Australian public.

Innovative in its design, Tangle Teezer is a hairbrush like no other. It has no handle, but far from making it tricky to use, it’s designed to fit snugly into the palm of your hand. And look closely at the teeth. They’re uniquely structured and therefore will flex just the right amount when making contact with feisty tangles. Whatever your hair texture – wavy, straight, fine, curly, Tangle Teezer will painlessly brush off knots in both wet and dry hair, knocking precious minutes off your styling time.  And beyond blow-drying, brushing your finished style from roots to ends will help smooth the all important cuticle for head turning gloss.

Tangle Teezer is also becoming the essential tool for those with hair extensions. The special teeth will glide ouch free over stitching, glue and clips without snagging or tugging. Simply place the brush firmly on the scalp and brush through for stroke-me-all-over sleekness. Tell tale split lines are banished and matting will be a problem of the past. Additional lengths will look fresher for longer and furthermore will blend existing hair with extensions to give a seamless and flawless finish.